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Available on all operators, all brands and
all generations of telephones

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Geolocation on all telephones, everywhere throughout the world.
Geolocation request

In order to geolocate yourrelatives we will ask you for their cell phone number. An SMS called "Tracker" will be sent asking them to click on a hypertext link.


If your recipient agrees to be geolocated and clicks on the link, it will automatically be redirected to a page on this website that will locate it using Google Map technology.

Position display

As soon as the position of your recipient will be registered in our database you will be able by going on your trackers to display a Google Map with a pin to the place where the phone has been detected.

Geolocation on all telephones, everywhere throughout the world.

Our trackers function on all generations of telephones, all operators and everywhere throughout the world.

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  • Configure an SMS tracker on the site's interface.
  • The addressee will be located as soon as he/she clicks on the SMS tracker link.
  • You will receive the position of the telephone located on Google Maps.
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